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    This was a rebranding project for a master electrician located on Eastern Long Island.


    The old logo (a light bulb in a the silhouette of a tree) was outdated and limited the brand to its original roots: outdoor lighting. As the brand grew, so did their services. Custom Lighting of Suffolk expanded from a specialization of outdoor lighting to a full-service master electrician.
    Bottom line: They were in need of a way to better portray the actual brand.


    I created the new logo using the existing colors to bring the current recognized branding into a newer, more relevant look. To give the client a cleaner, modern look I used clean lines and clear contrast. Simple shapes help clearly define what the brand is without over complicating things. The new logo clearly depicts “electrician” but with a more encompassing portrayal. Now rather than just depicting outdoor lighting, it shows a comprehensive offering of services. After discussion with the client, we also decided on trying to convert the brand to also be known by it’s abbreviation rather than solely by such a long name. Thus ‘Custom Lighting of Suffolk’ gained its new alias of ‘CLOS.’

    Once the logo was created, the rest of the branding followed suit. A consistent brand that could be recognized across all mediums, simply at a quick glance. Portraying bright whites shows the concept of light. The bright yellows and white against a dark background also helps to show the concept of electricity and it’s light. This way the design clearly connects with the message of the brand.

    From the newly created branding, the remaining collateral was created. This includes but is not limited to: work shirts, business cards, email signatures, and automotive vinyl.

    Feel free to learn more about the brand and their services here.

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